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Presbytery Networks
It takes only two to form a network

One component of the design for Presbytery of the Miami Valley is the emergence of networks as the missional arms and legs of the presbytery. So what are networks, and how do these operate?

Presbytery networks are groups of people sharing a common purpose, interest, mission, or passion. Two or more individuals from two or more congregations can become a network.

There are two types of Networks: informal and formal networks. Informal networks are not new to the Presbytery of the Miami Valley. For decades groups of pastors, elders, and/or Christian Educators have met for study, prayer, fellowship, or to work on some venture together. Informal networks, such as these, will continue under their own leadership, and may or may not be sanctioned by presbytery. Formal  networks are those officially sanctioned by Presbytery through the Networks Support and Grants Committee.  

Why would an informal network wish to become a formal one? A number of reasons are possible. A group may desire one or more of the following: 1) to receive explicit/implicit endorsement of the presbytery; 2) to gain access to presbytery channels of communication; 3) to offer services [training, workshops, retreats, etc.] to  our presbytery; or 4) to receive funding from the presbytery for its work.

How do networks differ from committees? Networks are formed based upon the passions of those participating in them and in concert with the presbytery’s goals for ministry and mission. Networks are not filled by nominees from presbytery, but voluntarily by  persons  presenting themselves to serve. Networks are not required to maintain any particular size or composition.  Networks are not staffed by presbytery personnel and are free to emerge when a need is identified or disperse when the work is complete.

Networks help us to empower emerging ministries, allow us to become a more passion-driven, presbyter-led presbytery, and provide us with new opportunities to serve Christ together.

Designating Formal Networks

Springhill ChurchNetworks are vocational associations or groups of individuals, gathered by a sense of passion, call, and giftedness for a particular ministry.  It is not unusual for the members or staff of two or more congregations to develop informal networks.  Although many such relationships already exist among congregations, now the Presbytery is designating Networks in order to support them and provide them with Presbytery resources.  Designated Networks offer the Presbytery an opportunity to focus on ministry and mission instead of structure.  

Even if you are the only member of your church interested in the work of a Network,  you can pursue your calling with others in the Presbytery.  

Interested in forming a Network?

PDF Download the Formal Network Application Form

For more information, to make a request for designation, or to seek financial aid for a Network, email Networks Support

Networks Designated by Presbytery of the Miami Valley

Campus Ministry  Provides effective campus ministry at public institutions of higher education— Central State University, Miami University, and Sinclair Community College.
Margaret Haney (email)

Colombian Partnership  Maintains and expands relationships established in the more than 20 year-old partnership with Presbiterio de la Costa Norte de Colombia.
Contact: Jennifer Vicarel (email)

Covenant Gathering   A group of people across the Synod who plan, publicize and conduct the annual leadership event that used to be named "Synod School."
Contact: David Fleming, (email)

Educators Support  Nurtures and educates those working in educational ministry in local churches.
Jacqueline Nowak, (email)  

Equipping for Ministry  Provides classes and workshops for adults, a Learning Resource Center with a catalog of resources that are available for loan, a purchasing group for educational materials, and consultations with a Certified Christian Educator about Reformed Resources and Curriculum.
Contact: Jacqueline Nowak, (email)

Fulfill Our Calling Network  This network's goal is to lift the importance of evangelism/congregational growth in the Presbytery and offer resources to congregations to assist in this effort. The network seeks to support congregations in calling all people to Christ. One strategy it will promote is connecting congregations with each other for sharing of ideas and for mutual support.
Contact: David Fleming (email)

Habitat Houses through Catch the Building Spirit  This network brings Presbyterian churches in our presbytery together to work in cooperation with Dayton area Catholic churches to raise funds, provide volunteer labor, and construct a Habit for Humanity house in the Dayton area each year. Contact: Hank Baust (email)  

Pass It On Ministries  Pass It On: Experiencing God’s Love through a Network of Sharing is a networking mission that matches the needs of families with donors of new or used household items, furniture, appliances, baby supplies and furniture and health care aids. In addition, Pass It On uses grant money and monetary donations to purchase and distribute air mattresses for individuals in need of a bed.
Marlene Elliott (email)

Presbyterian Youth Connection (PYC)  Brings youth together for common worship, reflection, recreation, and support. Helps youth experience and learn spiritual values and the everyday practice of faith.
Contact: Nancy Hodgkins (email)

Sew Faithful  This group meets weekly at Central Presbyterian Church, Dayton, to fellowship together while using their skills and talents to make a variety of crafts that minister to needy people and institutions. The witness shown through their works supports their faith and outreach service in the name of Jesus Christ. Contact: Ellen Donisi (email)

Stitches of Love  Creates handmade baby and older children's blankets, diaper bags, baby clothes, pillow cases, etc. and donates the items to various hospitals, the VA, women's centers, and U.S. Navy sailors aboard ship. This network distributes 5000 handmade items a year.
Contact: Pat Loffer (email

Third Thirty  The aim of “The Third Thirty” network is to educate, inspire, and prepare us all for the inevitable challenges as we get older and specifically approach or surpass. Contact: Janet Miller (email)  



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