Committee on Ministry (COM)

Serves as pastor and counselor to ministers of the presbytery; facilitates between congregations, ministers, and the presbytery; administrates triennial visits with sessions, pastors and educators.


Ruling Elder Jim Griffin – Email


Minister of Word and Sacrament Carol Pierson 

  • Pulpit Supply List
    A listing of individuals available to preach when a pastor is on vacation, taking leave, or otherwise away from the pulpit on a given Sunday.  A password is required to open this document. To request a password send email to PMV.
  • On Calling a Pastor
    A resource for pastor nominating committees and mid councils, prepared by Church Leadership Connection and the Office of the General Assembly Church Leadership Connection.  A password is required to open this document. To request a password send email to PMV.
  • Minimum Terms of Call    – These are the minimum terms of call for 2023 for pastors.
  • Pastoral Transition Manual
    This Pastoral Transition Manual is intended to offer guidance for working through a critical time in the life of a congregation. It is intended to assist Committee on Ministry (COM) Liaisons who will work with sessions and Pastor Nominating Committees (PNCs), as well as those leaders in congregations.  A password is required to open this document. To request a password send email to PMV.

These documents are intended only for the use of Committee on Ministry members.

Committee on Preparation for Ministry

Has oversight for all inquirers and candidates for ministry under care of the presbytery.


Minister of Word and Sacrament Kelley Shin – Email

Leadership Council

Provides oversight and coordination of the work of the presbytery within the stated mission of the presbytery; envisions future directions for mission.


Minister of Word and Sacrament John Lewis – Email


Ruling Elder Michael Seewer – Email

Staff Support

Provides support and guidance for the staff and officers of the presbytery; designs personnel policies.

Chair: Minister of Word and Sacrament Lawrence Bartel – Email

Presbytery Trustees

With Leadership Council, prepares and oversees the budget; acts as fiscal representative of the presbytery in signing legal documents.

Co-Chair: Ruling Elder Georgie Woessner Email

Co-Chair: Kazy Blocher Hinds – Email

Permanent Judicial Commission

Assists and enables the Presbytery in the proper exercise of church discipline.

Moderator: Ruling Elder Steve Davis Email

Networks Support and Grants

Promotes the stated mission of presbytery and the practice of good stewardship and generosity of all our gifts including not only financial resources, but also, the gifts of time, energy, and talent. Administers grant programs of Presbytery of the Miami Valley, such as the Northminster Mission Fund.

Chair: Ruling Elder Dave Wantz – Email

Peacemaking Fund Application
This form is to be completed when applying for a Peacemaking Fund grant.


Presents names of nominees for presbytery officers and committee members to be elected by the presbytery.


Ruling Elder Marge Morgan – Email

Representation and Diversity

Monitors committees and offices of the presbytery to ensure fair representation and diversity.

Co-Chair: Minister of Word and Sacrament Ed McNulty – Email

Co-Chair: Ruling Elder Diane Welborn – Email

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