PMV’s New Treasurer

Meet Ivy Young, PMV’s New Treasurer

On July 1, 2024 Ruling Elder Ivy Young (College Hill Community Presbyterian Church, Dayton) became the new Treasurer of Presbytery of the Miami Valley, replacing retiring Treasurer John Ey. Ivy serves as treasurer of the  College Hill church, is a committee member of the Ohio Region Presbyterian Caucus, is a member of the Black Presbyterian Caucus, and is a board member and treasurer of the Clergy Community Coalition. By way of introduction, Ivy has prepared the following article.

As a Certified Public Accountant, I have shared my accounting knowledge by providing services to several profit/nonprofit organizations.  My resume includes services with the City of Dayton, Charles R. Drew Health Center, Project C.U.R.E., Inc., and Wright State University – School of Professional Psychology.  I have managed to volunteer my services to several nonprofits.  Unfortunately, I feel there continues to be a shortage of financial expertise being provided for fledgling organizations, that continue to make financial reporting a low priority.

Currently, I am serving a plethora of organizations as their Treasurer/Bookkeeper.  Each organization is unique and very rewarding, each in their own way.  These organizations serve the homeless, house children (group homes), provide hospitality, provide a moment of respite, help make connections for assistance, as well as provide assistance. . .

My challenge is to receive. Pastor R. E. Jones stated on many occasions that I operate unfairly in that I am able to give and continue to give but run for the hills when it comes to receiving.

Life continues to be a collection of “Seasons.”  We come to a place, stay for a while, then we are prompted to move on because our work is “done.”  Or is it?  There’s only One who truly knows. .

I am blessed with a daughter and three sons.  The youngest is still trying to figure it out.