The Peace Light Comes to Our Presbytery

The Peace Light Comes to Presbytery of the Miami Valley

The Peace Light is a light from the grotto at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem where it is said that Jesus was born.  It is collected each year by a child from Austria and then carried back to Europe and flown to New York City where it is distributed with a message of peaceLearn more about the Peace Light.

This year the Peace Light arrived in New York City December 4.  The Peace Light made its way to The Presbytery of the Miami Valley on December 5.

From a “Longest Night” worship service to cherished candlelight Christmas Eve worship services, the Peace Light offers our congregations a poignant connection to Jesus as the Light of the World during this season. As the Peace Light spreads throughout a worship space, the light of Christ we cradle in our hands may unite us where the story of God’s love began. At the same time, we join millions of others across the globe praying for peace in Ukraine and Russia, Israel and Palestine, and all around the world.

The Peace Light will be available to congregations and individuals in the presbytery now through Epiphany.

If you would like to receive the light, it will be available at Bellbrook Presbyterian Church and Oxford Presbyterian Church.  (We encourage you to have a travel-safe container for the light.)

For more information, please feel free to contact Rev. Lawrence Bartel of Oxford Presbyterian Church (513.523.6364) or Ruling Elder Sue Seiler of Bellbrook Presbyterian Church (937.848.2043).