Fairmont Presbyterian Church

Fairmont Presbyterian Church
Kettering, Ohio

“You helped me see people showing God’s love.”

One of the many mission programs of Fairmont Presbyterian Church, Kettering, is the Kettering Backpack Program, which provides healthy foods to needy local elementary school children that will be easy for them to eat or make on their own while at home.

The church says, “People have been fed, clothed, sheltered and cared for through Fairmont’s mission endeavors.

The results have been twofold: Our members have grown in their Christian commitment and, as one recipient of the Kettering Backpack Program wrote in a thank you note, ‘You helped me see people showing God’s love.’” 

 “The congregation is transitioning from an emphasis on International/National/Local missions to a more Local/National/International orientation.

The increased need in our community, with the economic recession, is being addressed by our mission team. During this transition we are searching for opportunities that the congregation is embracing with hands-on ministries.

We are trying to make a larger difference in both money and time to fewer organizations, rather than more…

“These actions made a difference in our congregation’s life as members began to understand that mission is more than giving money, it is personal involvement!

Members speak about hands-on involvement bringing them closer to God and increasing their compassion as they give of themselves, their time, and talents to make a difference in the life of another person.”

Learn more about Mission & Outreach at Fairmont Presbyterian Church below:


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